The apparatus for plasmapheresis "Gemma"

Apparatus "Gemma" is designed to perform procedures of plasmapheresis in patients for detoxification, immunological and rheological corrections for therapeutic purposes and for plasma and autoplasma collection for donor purposes.

The device includes a perfusion unit with two roller peristaltic pumps (for blood and anticoagulant lines), a device to squeeze the ballast container with built-in pressure sensor, security and management. For carrying-out the procedures of membrane plasmapheresis the apparatus "Gemma" should be completed with a transfusion line (an universal circuit line SM-PF-01) and membrane plasma filter (PFM-800 or PFM-500).

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Area of application - the intensive care units, hospitals (surgical, therapeutical, maternal, toxicological, donor departments), clinics, etc.

The apparatus is completed with an universal circuit line CM-PF-01. The circuit line is a single use product, sterile, pyrogen-free and Design and maintenanceed for withdrawal of blood from the patient (donor), pumping the blood and the transfusion fluids to membrane plasma filter, drainage of the plasma from membrane plasma filter and returning concentrated red cells, along with the blood products to the patient (donor) during the procedure of plasmapheresis.


  A schematic diagram of the apparatus line
1 – needle or catheter for the blood inflow/outflow; 2, 3 – line connectors; 4 - 8 – connectors; 9 - 11– tee-joints; 12 - 15 – clamps unregulated; 16 - 18 – adjustable clamps; 19, 20 – drip bulb; 21 – drip trap for air bubbles; 22 – container for collection of the plasma; 23 – container for anticoagulant; 24 – container for infusion solution (saline); 25 – membrane plasma filter PFM-800 (PFM-500); 26 – injection node; 27 – anticoagulant line pump; 28 – blood line pump; 29 – air bubbles detector; 30 – dispensing container; 31 – air filter; L1 – blood sampling line; L2 – anticoagulant line; L3 – plasma output line; L4 – line of air outlet from the drip-traps; L5 – line of infusate supply; L6 – line of the return of erythrocyte mass.

The same circuit line could used by apparatus "Gemma" when working as a one-needle or a two-needle scheme.

Main technical characteristics of the apparatus "Gemma"

1. Blood pumping rate, ml/min 1 ÷ 200
2. Blood/anticoagulant volume ratio 1:5 ÷ 1:25
3. Indication of pressure range in dispensing container during pressing phase (one-needle scheme), mm Hg 60 ÷ 240
4. Indication of pressure range (two-needle scheme), mm Hg 60 ÷ 300
5. Indication of estimated volume of pumped blood and anticoagulant, litre 0 ÷ 9.99
6. Range of single-shot blood withdrawal volume (one-needle scheme), ml 3 ÷ 10
7. The priming volume of the extracorporeal circuit line, without plasma filter, ml ≤ 70
8. Supply voltage, V 220 ±10%
9. Power consumption, VA ≤ 150
10. Dimensions (excluding rack-holders bottles), mm ≤ 320х200х200
11. Weight, kg ≤ 8


Main features of the apparatus "Gemma"

    an universal apparatus; it operates using a one-needle scheme (withdrawal and infusion of the blood is conducted into the same patient's vein), or a two-needle scheme (two veins required). In both cases, an universal circuit line system and membrane plasma filter are employed.
    an anticoagulant line is automatically synchronized with a blood line.
    аn option of wide adjustments of blood withdrawal rate, blood volume and blood/anticoagulant volume ratio;
    lack of recycling in the extracorporeal circuit;
    advanced safety system (suction detector, pressure detector, level detector, air bubbles detector, sensor of unfilled dosing container, safety valve, etc.);
    a variety of parameters could be displayed on a front panel of the apparatus, simultaneously or on demand, during a plasmapheresis procedure: period of blood withdrawal/reinfusion, blood pumping rate, plasma filter inlet pressure, dosing container pressure, blood/anticoagulant volume ratio, extracted blood volume, etc.;
    the apparatus "Gemma" is cheaper as compared with the home-produced analogues (about 30-50%);

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