Hernia mesh with antimicrobial properties (PSGA)

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A method for producing and manufacturing technology of mesh prosthesis for hernioplasty with antimicrobial properties (PSGA) completed with antibacterial suture material has been developed in JSC "Plasmofilter". The novelty and originality of the product is confirmed by expertise. The method of the PSGA manufacturing is protected by patent #2292224 (Russian Federation).

The PSGA intended for replacement of aponeurotic and muscular tissue defects of various sizes and serves to strengthen the weakened connective tissue.

The prosthesis is a mesh of warp-knitting structure made of the polymer fibers (polyester polifilament threads). Dimensions of the mesh are 3×3 mm; thickness is about 350 microns (incl. polymeric coating).

An antimicrobial effect is achieved by treatment the polymer mesh by composition of silver nanoparticles, high molecular weight poviargol and polivinylpirrolidone. A prolonged antimicrobial effect of the prosthesis is confirmed by a number of microbiological studies.

The antimicrobial effect of the PSGA was evaluated in vitro based on growth retardation test of of Staphylococcus aureus ATSS 6538 strains, Escherichia coli ATSS 35218, Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATSS 15442, Candida albicans ATSS 10232 at a dose of 100 million CFU/cm2. The inhibition zone of the microorganisms' growth is clearly seen on the photo.

The PSGA mesh is intended for tension-free plastics for healing inguinal, postoperative and ventral hernias, as well as in the case of increased risk of abscess of surgical wounds.

Hernia mesh protheses are recommended for reinforcing weakened tissue at:

- operations on hernias;
- reconstruction surgery on the chest;
- strengthening fascia with nonabsorbable material.

The PSGA protheses can be used in open and laparoscopic surgery.
The prostheses are completed with an antibacterial suture material.

The introduction into clinical practice of new prostheses for hernioplasty will improve the outcome of treatment of hernia and will be widely used in the removal of recurrent and postoperative hernias, as well as in high-risk wound infection, for example, during eliminating paracolostomical hernias or at insufficiency of the immune system. The new protheses could be useful in treatment of chest and diaphragm injuries and of other defects of aponeurotics and muscle tissues.

Standard sizes of single-layered prostheses: 8×12 cm, 10×15 cm, 15×15 cm, 15×30 cm, 30×30 cm or other on request. A double-layer prosthesis has a standard size 10×15 cm.

  30×30   15×30   15×15
A single-layered PSGA 30×30 cm in a cardboard packing. A single-layered PSGA 15×30 cm in a cardboard packing. A single-layered PSGA 15×15 cm in a cardboard packing.

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